Loup City Commission Company
78995 472 B Avenue
PO Box 487
Loup City, Nebraska



       TUESDAY - JULY 25TH - 9:30 AM

         Expecting a normal run of mainly weigh ups!

 All consignments need to be into the office by Tuesday noon to be included
in all our advertising for the next weeks sale!


For updates and additional information call:

Office Phone - 308-745-1766
Manager:  Douglas Day - Home Phone 308-745-0875  Cell 308-750-0278   
Field Representatives:  Skoal Badura 308-391-2456 * Derrick Day 308-750-3804
Melvin Lane  308-935-1157 * Ke
n Bramer 308-233-1669
DV Auction -  To bid online call our office for pre-approval the day before.

Please give us a call to look at and consign livestock!

Thank You for your Business! 

Loup City Commission Co.
78995 -472 B Ave.
PO Box 487
Loup City, Ne 68853
Email: loupcitycommissionco@gmail.com

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